logo Just for Fun by Jurij

“I’ve always thought of brewing as a form of art and expression. Just for Fun is a project where I “mash” together my beer journeys, my favorite music, the beers that most catch my curiosity and admiration, the art I love. So open your mind to my 360 degrees experience and enjoy my liquid form of art.”


Trappist chocolate + beer.

Imperial breakfast stout brewed with the finest dark chocolate made by trappist monks near Rome, black peppercorns from India and sun dried sweet orange zest. Full bodied, black color with coffee, chocolate, licorice, roasted and nutty notes. Great brown head with good retention.

Ingredients: Water, barley malts, cane sugar, chocolate, spices, hops and yeast.

ABV: 8,4%

Pair with chocolate cakes as brownies.


Dry Hopped with Calypso hops and Sichuan peppercorns.

IPA with rich golden color and spicy, citrussy flavor. Very thirst quenching and complex, it’s the IPA you have never savored. Sichuan peppercorn dry hopping makes this beer a unique drink.

Ingredients: Water, barley malts, sugar, hops, spices and yeast.

ABV: 6,0%

Grilled white and red meats, T-bone steak or charcuterie.


From the States to Japan, crafted at different infusion temperatures.

This APA is inspired by Geisha’s tea rituals and crafted at different infusion temperatures to add a unique twist to its flavor.

The abundant quantity of hops utilized underlines its aroma while enhancing malts and tropical fruit scents. This is a fresh, pleasurable beer with an explosive touch.

Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops, sugar and yeast.

ABV: 5,6%

White meat, pork, mid-seasoned cheese, codfish.

All our beers contain cereals, therefore gluten.