Passion, skills, curiosity and continuous research.

We explore almost every possibility in craft brewing: lager beers, ales, ancient cereals, precious spices, fruit and natural oxidations in wood barrels (Solera method, the same used in some precious Rhums).

How we think and brew ALMOND ’22.

All our beers are bottle and cask conditioned, it’s not the only possible method but we are sure that during secondary fermentation, our beers develop great flavors when aging on the yeasts, just as great champagne. This ancient method takes a longer time but our beers will have longer shelf life and greater aromas and taste.

Raw materials.

Savoring ALMOND ’22 beers you will discover the wonderful tastes of our green region of Abruzzo. Our unmalted barley, ancient variety of wheat (Senatore Cappelli) and spelt are rare and fantastic. The sweet and bitter orange zest that we use in several beers, are still sun dried and come from Calabria in south Italy. We select the best hops and malts from Europe, Australia and the USA and our friend and cultivator Enrico Angelini grows some local hops for us just a few miles from our brewery.