Slow Food® Awards:
2011 “Birra Eccellente”
2013 “Birra Quotidiana”

Blanche de Valerie

Italian style blanche Ale brewed with barley, spelt, wheat, rye and sun dried Italian orange zest.

Blanche De Valerie is golden orange with aroma of wheat, light, caramel, citrus and light floral spicy notes. Very elegant and thirst quenching.

Grilled or fried vegetables, sea food, prawns, sushi and sashimi, grilled or pan fried tofu.

Color: Light golden opalescent
Bitterness: Very light
Top Fermented Ale
Style: Blanche
Alcool: 4,5 % ABV
Bottle size: 0,33 l – 0,75 l
IBU: 16

Aftertaste persistence