NOA is our Strong Ale and a Barley Wine as well, a hybrid between two styles and the product of perfecting long fermentation.

We like to call it a “relaxing Italian beer” due to its fruity flavour, complex and captivating at the same time. The delicate hop aftertaste gives it an elegant touch and makes it very pleasurable to drink. Keep its yeasts rested before serving for a better experience.

Red meat, game, cured meat, and cheese such as seasoned pecorino or parmesan.

Four cheese pizza.

Style: Our take on the Strong Ale / Barley Wine style
Alcohol: 10%
Serving temperature: 12°-14° C
Foam: Thin, almost missing
Color: Amber/Copper
Look: Slightly veiled
Crafting: Second bottled fermentation with ripening on yeasts
IBU: 28

Aftertaste Persistence